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Michael Appleby That child of the late 70's and early 80's grew up and began to write about anything and everything he could put words too, from happy puppies to happy bowel movements. 

Ryan Baier

Ryan Baier is a soul poet walking by this life, writing of the rhythms and listening to the changes that spin by us every day.  Sometimes we can say the most by saying nothing
at all..
Joe Blow I write poetry for my own selfish and therapeutic reasons. I read it for my own selfish and therapeutic reasons.

Guest Poet
Caroline Boucher

"From New York City, I am a ballet dancer, model, dreamer."
Guest Poet
Robert Brendan
"this worm / had this asskissing / platitude affirmation / of a comment far /ready like despicable / fungus gun / loaded"
Anton Capri "I'm a retired prof. who has written poetry since before I could talk.
Well, maybe not quite that long."
Captain Fathead Half man, half cartoon, half musician, and very bad at math...
Dawn Carter Dawn Carter recently returned to Edmonton after expanding her cultural horizons in the bustling metropolis of Toronto, and the 'Leave It To Beaver' isolation of Brandon, Manitoba. 
I composed nearly 1000 poems during the past two decades; receiving awards and commendations for poetry contributions and participations.
John J. Chalmers John Chalmers is an Edmonton writer and education consultant, who has been writing poetry all his adult life. 
Christine Comeau Christine Comeau was born between two oceans. At this place calls Québec, Canada, North America, Earth.  As a feverish human she decided to leave.
Jen Cote "Me. / Come play a pitched battle of symmetrics - "
Tim Cusack A downright crazy and fun-loving poet, Tim has arrived in the Edmonton area to help spread the spoken word.
Adriana Davies Adriana Albi Davies was born in Italy and came to Canada to the City of Edmonton with her family in 1951. Adriana lives to write poetry and read with the Raving Poets Band.
Corine Demas I lost myself/ To find myself new/ And the gray days that still filter through/ Don't slay me like they used to
Kevin Feeley firmly believes that a failure to understand poetry is dictated by the failure to feel it. will gladly talk about poetry with anyone...
Delwood Finch Buy him a pint and introduce yourself.
Guest Poet
Marla Gladstone
She has recently returned from Toronto but is interested in continuing to be an adventurous spirit that challenges herself to live courageously. 
Guest Poet
Keisha Grant
"... She could still hear the melodies as she drifted off to sleep, for hours afterwards..."
Mike Gravel Formerly a content advisor for Victoria's Secret Online Sales Division, Mike Gravel has made a reputation for himself as a poet who knows it.
Delvina Greig Delvina has been coming to Raving Poetry disturbances for at least 2 years.
Corey Hamilton Corey Hamilton was born in Winnipeg...but don't hold that against him.
Guest Poet
Michelle L Hart
I've been writing poetry as long I can remember. My life is draped and shrouded in poetry and it forever seems to follow me.
Margaret Haugen Margaret is originally from a little town in BC. She used to skip school to read philosophy.
Jenn Heather Jenn Heather is a high school student in Red Deer Alberta. Yes, Dead Deer Alberta.
Michael Hogan Now settled in Edmonton after years of exile in the ridiculous surreality of northern Alberta, this Australian immigrant finds solace and calm in expurgating his demons through poetry.
Guest Poet
Safina Hussain
Safina experiments with words very much like a cook experiments with food.
Philip Jagger Philip Jagger is the transformer of poetry. The eighties cartoonamaniac of verse. 
David Juniper David Juniper is a poet whose inspiration comes from the depth of the id.
Mark Kozub Born in a Medicine Hat parking lot, The Alberta Beatnik, aka, Mark Kozub, has had an affinity for vehicles and their back seats since he was knee high to an Austin Mini. 
Jefferson Lavender "You can't make sense of the sensless, but I gave it a shot anyway."
Shelley Lawson Shelley Lawson buys her kid organic fruit then takes her to mcdonalds.  she
works for simplicity, intentional community and sustainability, but buys
sneakers at wal-mart when goodwill has nothing in her size.
Gary Lee Gary Lee was born in Swift Current, Saskatchewan in 1959 and raised in Red Deer, Alberta. After being expelled from the provincial psychiatric hospital, Gary went on to drop out of college, university and several other mental institutions.
John Leppard John Leppard is an Edmonton poet who has recently become involved with the poetry scene in that city.
Layne L'Heureux "...Bullets and typewriters Made By E. Remington..."
Lisa "I find no greater anchor, state of freedom, or challenge than what I find in the scriptive art."
Mandie Lopatka " only hope is / poet hearts that flop like fish / that slip like lips in the shower / that split like lips / that are birthing..."
Guest Poet
Amy Loschuk
"Amy. I quote Buddha more than I should..."
Jan Mann Jann Mann was completely acquitted of all charges. 
Aaron J. Marko

Fueled by heavy metal, punk rock and geometry, Aaron J. Marko has annoyed more local artisans and b-movie stars than a thousand Peter Hills could hope to in an entire lifetime.

Paul McLaughlin Paul McLaughlin is "The Middle Poet"Śmiddle-class, middle-aged, middle-brow, and a little to big around the middle. 
Gordon McRae "...I work at a job sometimes / I have to eat All Bran for breakfast  /  I used to go for a walk  /  when I felt like it..."
Guest Poet
Mario Meléndez
"...An orgy of aromas shook the silence / that she wanted for herself / and between whispers and good-byes / a blind cricket was breaking the strings..."
Guest Poet
An accomplished and published poet, Moonfyre writing broaches topics that touch the reader on all levels, opening the doors of their experience through reflections of her own observations.
Don Morton I write what I write and it seems to come out right so I follow this path because its what I have and am.
Kerry Mulholland Kerry Mulholland is partial to wearing black and admits a fondness for shiny things. She wishes she owned some cunning eyeglasses.
Natalya " ...The lack of clocks / is growing in my pad / like a virus / and yet I'm never late / anymore... "

Guest Poet

take this rage and put it somewhere / the nuns can't find it
Hannah Oberlin I can drink sweet white wine or apricot brandy to forget / and the forgetting is not that hard / but the skin remembers
Diana Pepin I am a writer and mainly a songwriter.
Roy Picou open your eyes and u will c, / u've always been as LOVE created u 2 b...
Patrick M. Pilarski ...oolong tea in the process of steeping, philodendrons, the beaches of Point Grey at sunset, emergent swarm behaviour...
Monika Ptak Funky as a Turkish cat, orange as a dreamer...
Ray Rasmussen Ray Rasmussen is a photographer who lives in Edmonton. He writes free verse poetry, haiku, haibun [prose plus haiku] and essays and is webmaster and one of the Editors of Simply Haiku
Victoria Rohac An old-soul creature, a reincarnated Tibetan Buddhist monk, a free spirit with the agility to move on at a moment’s notice.
Guest Poet
Don Schaeffer
"I learn to go away / out into the common air, / out doors / where I don't even / own myself."
Kelly Shepherd B.C., Africa, Iceland, green
Guest Poet
I’m Shona. / I really dig poetry, / and keeping things simple.
Guest Poet
sml'amour (margot) is a widely published writer and award winning poet living on the west coast of Canada but whose real home is the wide prairie, the foothills and the rockies.
CT Staples ct is seeking...salvation thru verse....he isn't quite sure....if he is bless'd.....or curs'd.....
Guest Poet
Ryan C.M. Steedman
Ryan C.M. Steedman is in his 23rd year of life, and with it has chosen a life of music and meaningful art.

Guest Poet
Tanya Stewart

Tanya Stewart is a frustrated poet with a muse who's gone AWOL, probably because she spends most of her time trapped behind glass and metal in downtown Edmonton.
Lara Thesenvitz ...telling stories that are hard to tell, and harder to hear. 
Thomas Trofimuk You are sitting in an office tower 17 floors above the Earth looking out the window at the river valley and the gray-cloud ripped horizon. Your name is not important.
Ubaka Ubaka is from Nigeria and has come to Edmonton in search of grey hairs and the love (molten and fleeting) of modern women.
Justine Vigneron I don't write really confused and deep shit. It's pretty straight forward.
Deborah Vos She sits by the campfire breathing in birch smoke, watching sparks jump past their stone barrier...
Murray Walford ...There are some effects from which we cannot run...
Francis A. Willey Edmonton born photographer, poet, painter, singer, dreamer.
Rosemary Wilson . A girl who appreciates the simple things in complex situations.


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